At $PROXY, we believe in rewarding our loyal token holders with exclusive benefits and privileges. That's why we have created a tiered system of levels, with different perks and privileges available at each level. Level 1: This level is open to all $PROXY token holders, and supporters it includes access to basic features and the ability to conduct a limited number of private swaps per day. During (BETA) phase of our swap, only LEVEL 2 holders will be able to use our swap, until we release it to the public.
Level 2: This level is reserved for holders of more than 100,000 $PROXY tokens. In addition to access to basic features, level 2 holders are entitled to unlimited swaps per day and are the first to use premium features when they are in beta. This level is designed to reward holders with a larger stake in the $PROXY ecosystem and to provide them with additional perks and benefits.
Level 3: This is the highest level, which is reserved for holders of more than 1,000,000 $PROXY tokens. It includes all of the benefits of level 2, plus exclusive access to our private features, which include early access to our upcoming mobile application, and very early access to our $PROXY staking platform when complete, and after being verified you will also receive your own custom 💎 badge.
By offering these different levels, we are aiming to provide a fair and rewarding experience for all $PROXY token holders, regardless of the size of their stake.